At a glance

Your Cookie Compliance Dashboard gives you a quick way to see domain status and usage data. 

Empty Dashboard? If you are new to Cookie Compliance or have added a new domain to your existing account, your data will begin populating on an hourly basis once a banner is published and running on your website. 

Usage Data

You have access to the following usage data through the Dashboard: 

Total Visits

A visit is defined as any instance where a site visitor lands on your website, regardless of whether or not the banner is being shown. 

Accept Rate

Accept rate is calculated by dividing the number of positive consents by the total visits in a certain period. Positive consent is registered when visitor clicks Accept Button on the banner (or, if configured, closes / scrolls / clicks outside of the banner).

Consent Activity (Graph)

The graph compares the number of positive consents to the number of total consent events over time. Hover over each point on the graph to see the number of positive consents (green line) and number of overall consents (orange line) registered on a given day. 

Use Case: You want to increase your 'Accept Rate' and get more visitors to consent to more categories of cookies. You change your banner message and design and publish a new banner configuration. You can now use the graph to monitor how well your new banner performs. 

Top Languages

Language is determined by the browser-based language settings of each visitor session. 

Consent Logs

You can view your consent logs by date and log count using the table on the dashboard. Check out our knowledge base to learn more about Consent Logs and Proof-of-Consent. 

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