Basic vs Professional

Basic Plan Limitations

The Basic plan allows Cookie Compliance to be used effectively for small websites with low traffic. It does, however, contain several important limitations.

Visits limit

The main factor determining the Basic plan is the limitation of the number of visits. You can use this plan if the number of visits to your website does not exceed 1,000 per month.

You can check the current usage status by looking into the Usage Chart in the bottom left of your Cookie Compliance app tracks your total visits for this month, and the number of days until the “visit count” resets.


If a domain is under the Basic plan, many important options regarding cookie consent and design are not available. 

Consent storage

Due to the technical limitations of the Basic plan, consent log entries are kept for no longer than 30 days. After this period, they are irreversibly deleted from the databases and cannot be restored.


The multi-language support functionality is active, but in a limited way – you can only add one additional language.

Professional Plan Benefits

The Professional plan includes all the best Cookie Compliance functionality. It can be successfully used regardless of the type of website.

No site traffic limits

Under the Basic Plan, your site is restricted under certain conditions like number of visits per month. When these conditions are exceeded, the technical compliance features are disabled. Under the Pro plan, there is no traffic limit.

All options available

The professional plan has no restrictions on functionality. All options for Consent, Design, Privacy Metrics and Privacy paper sections of configuration are available.

Multiple languages

Under the Professional plan, you can add and customize translations for any number of languages. Text string translations for many major languages are created as soon as a new language is added.

Unlimited consent storage

The Professional plan is designed for long-term storage. All consent logs from your website are stored indefinitely so you can access them as needed.

Geolocation support

Geolocation is a high-tech functionality that is only available in the Professional plan. It allows you to automatically adjust the appearance and behavior of your Cookie Compliance banner depending on the location of your company/organization and where the user is visiting your website from.

Custom Autoblocking

Autoblocking functionality handles more than a 100 of the most popular 3rd party services. In the Professional plan you are able to add providers and URL patterns that are unique to your site or which the built-in Autoblocking does not yet support.

Priority support

Under the Basic plan, replies from the support team can take up to 72 hours. Under the Pro plan, issues are escalated more quickly and are typically solved within 24 hours of first contact.

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