Consent Logs Overview

When a visitor to your site responds to a displayed banner and sets their consent, it is recorded simultaneously as a in two places – in the user’s browser and in the Consent Logs of Cookie Compliance application.

While the user’s consent stored in the browser can be deleted by the user at any time, or can expire automatically with the expiry of the cookie in which it is stored, the consent stored in the Consent Logs is permanent and available to you at any time.

The Consent Logs section contains a date-organised list of all records originating from your site.

Cookie Compliance - Consent Log Entries

Consent Log records

As we said, the consent logs are organised by date and each date consists of a list of individual entries. The table shows the total number of consents for the day. Each date contains some basic information available to you for quick reference:

  • Consent ID – unique ID of the user’s consent
  • Consent Level – level of consent set by the user
  • Categories – categories of the visitor’s accepted purposes
  • Duration – duration of consent specified in days
  • Time – the time at which consent was recorded

Consent Log export

The consent logs visible in the table are mainly used to view activity and for basic record management. The second functionality you may find particularly useful is the ability to export consent entries.

Cookie Compliance - Consent Logs export

To do this, you need to specify for which date period you want to export the data. Select the start date as this is required. Then specify the end date for the export. If you do not do this, all data available from the start date to today will be exported.

When you click Export, the generation of reports for the selected period will begin. A separate CSV format file will be generated for each month and the whole will be zipped into a bulk ZIP file. The files generated during export have a special ISO-compatible format.

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