Autoblocking Overview

Key Definitions:

  • Provider: A Provider, or service provider, is the name of the company storing cookies for certain functional, analytics, or marketing purposes.
  • URL Pattern: A URL Pattern is a basic structure used to identify specific services running on your website
    • iFrame: URL Pattern used to embed other content or media on your website pages
      • is an iFrame pattern used by Youtube
    • Script: URL Pattern used to embed executable code or data, usually a JavaScript code 
      • is a script used by the Google Ads 

Autoblocking is enabled by default

Through the Autoblocking feature, scripts and iFrames are blocked until consent is captured. We maintain a database of Script and iFrame providers, and based on your consent configuration, will block all scripts and iFrames by category until your website visitor provides positive consent. 

Autoblocking helps you comply with prior consent rules under GDPR and other data privacy laws; in order to be compliant, your banner must capture a valid consent from a visitor before setting or sending cookies.

If your site is not properly blocking 3rd-party cookies, please check the following:

Go to your WordPress plugin settings page and make sure the settings are as follows:

Check the position of your Autoblocking script

Access your site's HEADER file either manually or via your WordPress theme (here's how) and make sure the blocking script is placed just below the <head> tag. Your site may be using services that force their tracking script above our blocking script, which prevents it from properly blocking cookies.

The structure should look as follows: 

    		let huOptions = {
    			appID: 'PASTE APP-ID HERE',
    			currentLanguage: 'en'
    	<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 	 	

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