Getting Started

Step 1

Configure your Banner

When you upgrade your domain through WordPress, your banner is pre-configured based on the choices you made in the Live Preview. Publishing the new banner is as simple as clicking the Publish button on the Configuration page. Check out our knowledge base for more info on Banner Configurations

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When you click Publish, the banner configuration is saved, and a javascript file with the configuration parameters is pushed to the WordPress backend. Once the banner is published, the application will begin capturing consent event data. Event data for number of visits, consent activity, and most common browser languages are displayed by default on the Dashboard.  

Step 2

Setup Autoblocking

Autoblocking is pre-configured with a database of service providers and URL patterns for cookie scripts and iFrames. You can add, edit, or delete Providers and URL patterns based on the services running on your domain.  

Step 3

Monitor your Consent Activity

After the banner is published on your domain, data will begin updating every hour on your Dashboard. Check the Dashboard to see total number of visits on your domain, top languages of your visitors, banner accept rate, and more.  

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