Privacy Paper

The Cookie Compliance banner includes an extensive educational section on privacy. It is called the Privacy Paper. A visitor to your site can therefore not only determine their consent preferences, but also learn about their privacy rights and understand the choice they face.

On the Privacy Paper tab in the configuration section, you can specify the text strings used in this part of the banner.

Cookie Compliance - Privacy Paper

Privacy Paper contains the following options:

  • Privacy Paper Heading – Section heading title
  • Privacy Paper Description – Description of the Privacy Paper section explaining to the visitor what it contains
  • Data Access Heading – Data Access block heading title
  • Data Access Description – Description of the Data Access block
  • Data Access Level 1, 2 & 3 – Names and descriptions of Data Access Levels
  • Data Types Heading – Data Types block heading title
  • Data Types Description – Description of the Data Types block
  • Data Types Anonymous – Information about the Anonymous data types
  • Data Types Pseudonymous – Information about the Pseudonymous data types
  • Data Types Personal – Information about the Personal data types
  • Benefits Heading – Benefits of Data sharing block heading title
  • Benefits Description – Description of the Benefits of Data sharing block
  • User Rights Heading – User Rights block heading title
  • User Rights Description – Description of the User Rights block
  • User Rights Quote – Legal quote related to User rights
  • User Rights Quote Source – The source of the Legal quote related to User rights

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