Adding a New Domain

Release 2.0.2 supports WordPress domains only. These instructions are for existing Cookie Compliance users who wish to upgrade another Wordpress domain that is already running cookie-notice. If the domain you wish to upgrade is not already using cookie-notice, go to the Wordpress Admin page for that domain and install the cookie-notice plugin. 

When you pay for a subscription, you are provided with an App-ID and Secret Key that can be copied across multiple WordPress domains. If you are using the free Cookie Notice plugin, you would see these fields at the top of the settings page after updating the plugin to 2.0.2. This approach works well for users who want the same banner behavior, design and branding across multiple websites. You will not be able to customize or separate how the banner functions or captures consent data across multiple domains using this approach.

Follow these easy steps to get Cookie Compliance running on your Wordpress domain: 

Step 1: Enter domain information

Domain URL (required): full URL of the domain or subdomain you are adding

Domain Name (required): select a name that helps you identify the domain you are adding as different than your other domains; domain name will be displayed in the domain selection dropdown as well as on the top left of your dashboard

Domain Description: enter a brief description of the domain, or the business it represents

Default Language (required): select the language that you want the banner to default to when a visitor's preferred browser language is not found; you can select from the preset list or add a different language via the Languages page

Step 2: Enter payment information

Follow the prompts to enter a payment method. Note: For added security, Cookie Compliance does not save payment methods. 

Once your payment method is authorized, you will receive a success message with an App-ID and Secret Key that you will use in Step 3. 

Step 3: Go to your cookie-notice settings page

Go to your dashboard for the added domain. Navigate to your cookie-notice plugin settings. Enter your App-ID and Secret Key from the email, and save your settings. 

Your consent banner for the new domain can now be configured through your existing Cookie Compliance account. To publish your new banner, simply click "Publish" from the Configuration page with your new domain selected in the domains dropdown.

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