Default Consent Messages

Consent Heading & Message:

We have moved away from the Accept-Reject design because it creates the dark pattern of consent fatigue, where people immediately make a choice without understanding the consequences (most often choosing to Reject All). The new design complies with the core principles of GDPR by giving visitors 3 equal choices that represent different configurations of consent, and a granular preferences panel for visitors to customize their consent. We call these configurations Data Access Levels. Data Access Levels fundamentally change the consent experience by motivating people to understand and control the level of data access they give to your website. 

Consent Heading

  • "We believe your data is your property and support your right to privacy and transparency."

Consent Message

  • "Select a Data Access Level and Duration to choose how we use and share your data."
Your Consent Message is one opportunity for you to transparently ask for the Access Level that reflect your business needs. For example, if your site depends on ad revenues, you can adjust the Consent Message to say: " Select a Data Access Level and Duration to choose how we use and share your data. Platinum Access is the best way to support our business."

Default Message Texts: 

These texts are designed to be easily translated into other languages, as well as comply with the first-level information display requirements outlined in the latest regulations.

Private Level (Default = "Silver")

  • "Highest level of privacy. Data accessed for necessary basic operations only. Data shared with 3rd parties to ensure the site is secure and works on your device"

Balanced Level (Default = "Gold")

  • Balanced experience. Data accessed for content personalization and site optimisation. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you and store your preferences for this site.

Personalized Level (Default = "Platinum")

  • Highest level of personalization. Data accessed to make ads and media more relevant. Data shared with 3rd parties may be use to track you on this site and other sites you visit. "

Default Consent Level

To comply with the latest regulations, all cookies are blocked by default until a visitor clicks "save my preferences". 

According to GDPR and similar data protection laws, all non-essential cookie categories must be toggled to "off" by default - T his means that the only fully compliant setting for Default Consent Level is "Silver" (Private Level)

PLEASE NOTE that we cannot represent full compliance with the current laws if you set this field to Balanced or Personalised levels, and be aware of the risk.

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