Consent Metrics

Consent Metrics in the Cookie Compliance banner contains important information on your site visitor cookie consent and blocked and allowed third-party services.

On the Consent Metrics tab in the configuration section, you can specify the text strings used in this part of the banner.

Cookie Compliance - Consent Metrics

Consent Metrics consists of the following options:

  • Protection & Metrics Heading – Section heading title
  • Protection & Metrics Description – Description of the Privacy & Metrics section explaining to the visitor what it contains
  • Protection Heading – Heading of the Privacy Protection block.
  • Services Blocked – Name of the list of blocked 3rd party services.
  • Services Allowed – Name of the list of allowed 3rd party services.
  • Metrics Heading – Heading of the Consent Metrics block.
  • Consent ID – Unique identifier of a site visitor consent. Will be blank if consent is not set.
  • Date of Consent – Day and time when the user gave consent.
  • Data Access Level – Level of data access to which the user has consented. The name of the consent level according to your chosen terminology.
  • Purpose Categories – A comma-separated list of categories of purposes agreed to by the visitor to your site.
  • Duration of Consent – Duration of consent selected from the options specified in the configuration.

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