Geolocation is an advanced functionality that allows you to automatically adjust the appearance and behavior of your Cookie Compliance banner depending on the location of your company/organization and where the user is visiting your website from.

Cookie Compliance - Geolocation

How it works:

  • When a visitor lands on your website, session data is sent from their browser to the server, which returns an approximate user location.
  • The geolocation logic determines which version of the banner will be shown.

Automatic Geolocation:

If enabled, automatic geolocation mode takes into account both the location information of your company/organization and the location information of the website visitor.

If your business is registered in the European Union (EU), or the visitor of your website is coming from European Union, the most restrictive GDPR banner settings will be applied:

  • Banner is always displayed
  • Revoke Icon is always displayed
  • Autoblocking is enabled by default
  • Privacy Policy link is displayed

If your business is not from the European Union (EU) and the visitor is also not browsing the site from within the European Union, more lenient privacy rules apply:

  • Banner is always displayed
  • Revoke Icon is hidden
  • Autoblocking is disabled

Manual Geolocation:

If enabled, manual mode allows you to take control of how the banner works depending on the user’s location and adjust it to your own preferences. You have the option to set the banner behavior for three regions: European Union (EU), United States (US) and Other regions.

The parameters you can control at the moment are:

  • Banner Display
  • Revoke Consent option
  • Autoblocking functionality
  • Privacy Policy Link
  • Do Not Sell Link

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