Customizing Autoblocking

Cookie Compliance comes preset with a list of Providers and URL Patterns organized by purpose category. URL Patterns allow the autoblocking feature to identify and block any non-essential scripts or iFrames until a positive consent is recorded. 
The preset list of Providers and URL Patterns covers many of the common website services - if you see the name of the Provider in the preset list, you can assume we have you covered. If you do not see the name of a Provider in any of the categories in the autoblocking page, you can add the Provider and their associated URL Patterns by clicking "+ Add Provider".

How to Add a Provider

In order to fully comply with prior consent requirements in GDPR and other data privacy laws, you can add a Provider and their associated URL Patterns to the preset list.
Finding a Provider's URL Pattern in your source code:
When you add a service like Google Analytics to your website, you are asked to place a script in your source code that will enable the service to work. The external services and plugins you use on your website each have a script or iFrame that is commonly placed before the <body> tag in the HTML of your website's source code. The URL Pattern typically contains the Provider Name, and is formatted to look like a URL, sometimes ending in ".js". It's important to note that when you find a URL Pattern, it may contain a unique string that you should remove prior to adding the pattern. This is to ensure the autoblocking works on a general set of patterns that a Provider may use.

Click "+ Add Provider" and enter the following information:

  • Provider Name: The name of the service provider
  • Provider URL: The privacy policy URL of the service provider's business
  • Provider Description: A brief description of the service provider's role / purpose of the service on your website

Select a category 

You have the option to categorize the Provider as Essential, Functional, Analytics, or Marketing. Only choose Essential if the Provider's service performs a necessary function and your website will not be useable without it.  

Add URL Patterns

Add the provider's URL patterns so that the autoblocking can recognize the script or iFrame by purpose category. Remember to take out any unique strings from the Pattern so that the Autoblocking works at a more general level for that provider. 

Editing a Provider

You can edit or delete any Providers and URL patterns that you have added. 
You cannot delete Providers and URL patterns in the preset list; you can only delete Providers and URL patterns that you have added. 
Release 1.0.1 does not allow for editing a Provider's Category

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