What is Intentional Consent?

As of April 2021, over 75% of countries have active or draft data protection laws in place. The shift from in-person to online that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global awareness of the data privacy problem. While current laws like GDPR have established a basic enforcement regime, the number of privacy-violating technologies (PVTs) quietly making their way into the market has made it nearly impossible for these issues to be resolved using traditional regulatory mechanisms. 

Every company or business with an online presence is at risk. Unfortunately, the use of PVTs like Google Analytics has become the established norm because they are free and provide exceptional value. Consequentially, any company or business using PVTs is unknowingly putting themselves in the data privacy firing line as their users become more aware of the exposure they have across the web. 
We believe a new approach is needed in order to align the needs of data-hungry companies with the goals of data-generating users. We call this new approach Intentional Consent. Intentional Consent introduces a simple but meaningful change that transforms the traditional ”I Accept” button into multiple choices. This simple change fundamentally shifts the consent experience and motivates users to control and understand the level of data access they issue to a business. Over time, Intentional Consent introduces a reciprocity model where a business can incentivize users to provision deeper access to their data in exchange for compensatory value.  

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