Intro to Cookie Compliance

The original publishers of Cookie Notice, the world's most popular cookie consent solution for WordPress, have rolled out an all-new web application to help over 1M website owners improve the design and compliance of their cookie banners.

Cookie Compliance is a next generation cookie consent management application built to give business owners and web admins peace-of-mind in navigating global data privacy regulations. For $14.95 per month, web admins gain access to automated compliance features and configurable banner templates for GDPR & CCPA, delivered in a beautiful, user-friendly web application. 

Automated Compliance

Reduce the time and effort required to comply with latest privacy laws via automated compliance features:

  • Default Banner Configuration
    • Default configurations for GDPR & CCPA help take the guess work out of your banner setup.
  • Automatic Cookie Blocking
    • Autoblocking feature blocks all non-essential scripts and iFrames by default until your website visitor provides positive consent.
  • Consent Record Keeping
    • Proof-of-Consent feature automatically stores a record of each consent and makes these records available for export.

Improved Consent Experience 

Build trust with your website visitors through an intuitive and transparent cookie consent experience:  

  • Cookie Purpose Categories
    • Go beyond the 'take-it-or-leave-it' method of consent by making it easy for website visitors to customize their consent by category. 
  • Geolocated Banner Display
    • Ensure your banner is relevant to your website visitors by dynamically serving the right banner to the right person based on their location. 
  • Multilingual Support
    • Choose to inherit browser-based language preferences, or customize banner text in multiple languages to ensure visitors get a consistent consent experience. 

Customizable Design

Customize the look and feel of your banner with numerous new design options, configurable styles and banner positions:  

  • Multiple Banner Positions
    • Display your website's banner in a position that best aligns with your website's design; choose from top, bottom, left, right or center/modal.
  • Color Matching
    • Design your banner to match your website's color palette; customize banner background, message text, buttons + button text
  • Dynamic Banner Messages
    • Quickly setup your banner message based on business context

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